Centre d'essais et de formation

Versuchs- und Ausbildungszentrum



Ein Brand hat unseren 500-MVA-Generator stark beschädigt. Deshalb müssen wir leider die Ausbildungen bis Ende Jahr 2020 absagen.


Un incendie a fortement endommagé notre alternateur 500 MVA et nous devons annuler les formations jusqu'à la fin de l'année 2020.

CEF's portrait

In 1990, the company GARDY refocusedits activities in Geneva, leaving its high power test laboratory used for research and development of high current electrical equipment.

These facilities being unique in Switzerland, it seemed important to theelectricity distributors of the French speaking Switzerland(Romand) to keep them in business by developing the crenel of the training of their personnel with life size demonstrations.

Currently, an association whose partners are the following companies manages the CEF:

ABBBouygues E&S EnerTrans SAEPFL Groupe E

HEIG-VDRomande Energie Services industriels Lausanne


The centers equipment includes:
  • A turbo group of 500 MVA in short-circuit.
  • An alternator of 50 MVA in short-circuit.
  • A group of transformers completed by many accessories (switchgear, transformers, inductors, etc.).
  • A demonstration site that allows to create critical situations met by electrical energy professionals.

Alternator 500 MVAAlternator 50 MVAShock Generator