Target audience: security officers • all railroad personnel (construction, maintenance, exploitation) • transport companies (public and private).

  • Coffee and croissants.
  • Presentation of the CEF and its activities in the fields of the tests and the security.
  • Demonstrations.


Experimentations and Objectives

Test 1

Electrodynamic effects

Show the effect of the electrodynamic forces generated by a short-circuit.

Test 2

Electrothermal effects

Show the thermal effect of a short-circuit current.

Test 3

Bolt not well tightened

Show the damage caused by tightening defect.

Tests 4 + 5

Rod in a low voltage cable
non protected/protected with a PE (protective earth)

Simulate the perforation of a low voltage cable with a rod or the bucket of an excavator.

Test 6

Short-circuit on low voltage busbars

Show the effects of a short-circuit on low voltage busbars.

Test 9

Touch voltage
a car fot this test

Show the effects of coming in contact with an object on voltage.

Test 10

Coming in contact with a line on voltage

Show the effects when one approaches a line on voltage.

Test 11

Step voltage–power line fallen to the ground

Show the effects of a power line fallen to the ground.

Test 12

Sliding arc

Show the behavior of an initiated arc on a medium voltage line.

Test 21

Passing of a section insulator

Show the effect of a locomotive that did not respect thehalt before a section insulator.

Test 22

Correct earthing

Show the behavior of a line when short-circuited.

Test 14

Induced voltage

Show the effects of the mutual induction.

Test 23

Unsuited earthing

Show the behavior of a line when short-circuited.

Test 24

Rail with defective fishplating

Show the current flow with a defective fishplate.

Test 25

Rail with no fishplate

Show the current flow with no fishplate.

Test 16

Circumvention of an insulator string

Show the arc that is established as a result of the circumvention of a string of insulators.


Discussion and handing-over of the course lecture note



Additional information

  • English training dates only on request and only for large groups (+40 persons).
  • The start time (including the afternoon) can be adapted to particular needs.
  • The demonstrations take place outdoors. Adequate clothing depending on season and weather are recommended.